...and then

 ...and then


It’s hard to try, I can’t say goodbye

To all the things, to all the times

Before this day, I knew the way

I just can’t see, blindness covers me


I have to choose, will I win or lose

What’s best for me, what will it be

The path I take, decide my fate

Why don’t I know, which way to go


All the wrong words

But at the right time

Judgement now blurred

It is my only crime 


If I could see, what’s left for me?

Just for a day, to show the way

So hold on tight, pray with all my might

From here on in, my new life begins 

...what if?




Knew the road ahead was hard but not this tough

Tried my best but I just can't be that strong

Every day's like I’m playing from the rough.

I never know what to say for right or wrong


Admit defeat; admit yeah I've had enough

Too many of your egg shells to walk upon

I wish for your sake that I was made of better stuff

By the time that you read this I'll be gone


It's time to go, it’s time to leave

I'm drowning here and I just can't breathe

Look down the road ahead and to the sky

No fond farewell I wave you all goodbye